Which is better? Bluehost vs HostGator for WordPress

Blogging is pretty much about sharing personal experience/view about your preferred niche/topic. Here the concerned person has to deal with all aspects of the article, and that’s the reason he/she needs to be careful about CMS.

bluehost vs hostgator

Undoubtedly, WordPress presently is the most ultimate option for the bloggers. Anyway, your Hosting should team perfectly with the CMS. At present scenario, Bluehost and HostGator are certainly the two leading hosting houses. But, to be honest, Bluehost is always a suitable pick for WordPress. Below we have presented justification on this regard. Have a look!


Price is always a crucial factor in every aspect. There is difference on this round between Bluehost and HostGator concerned with WordPress, definitely. HostGator drags much of your earnings in comparison with Bluehost for almost similar specs. There are certain plans involved with it for the shared hosting. However, the least one can be bagged around $4. However, the pack confines it just for a single WordPress blog. Using HostGator coupon you can have the world class hosting at very cheap rate. Click here to use HostGator coupons. Talking of its most preferred plan, that costs you around $8 can be bagged just at expense of about $5/month


User satisfaction is one of the biggest points to consider before purchasing anything; same rule applies with hosting option as well. You need to be feeling comfortable with the system. Especially, a non-technical blogger would always look for sleekest control panel.

Both Bluehost and HostGator are quite flexible on this regard though. Both have their native customized panel for best result. However, the distinguishing part is with Bluehost as it has the single click incorporation that just nullifies an admin worry.

Uptime, load time, performance

Performance is one such part about which it is really difficult for anyone to compromise. After all, it is directly proportional to your gain. Both the above hosting options are quite concerned on this matter with finest technologies to drive best traffic possible and to keep the site up most of the time.

Though uptime is pretty much same in both cases, but loading time is better in case of Bluehost, but at a narrow margin to be honest. But, you know the importance of loadtime in terms of driving traffic. Why compromise if paying? Hence, Bluehost is a good option definitely.

Customer Support

Nothing in this world is absolutely perfect. Flaw is something that is obvious to come. Hence, better support is always expected for any service. It is one of the important parts you need to take in to account prior choosing your service option. Read review of HostGator web hosting.

Being specific of our topic, both Bluehost and HostGator are having enhanced technical support team. Both they are quite efficient in terms of serving you through all forms like through live chat, mails; direct calls (toll free offcourse). All they are opening eyes for 24 x 7 x 365. Hence, it’s a tie from my side.


It is obviously a close contest as we see above. Still, Bluehost is a better option to go through. Bluehost server has been perfectly optimized for WordPress. They are quite a trusted option as we know they host Wordcamps worldwide. Again, we will say go for Bluehost if you are a WordPress user.

Few Weaknesses of Shared Hosting Your Provider Won’t Ever Tell

People looking forward to building a website needs a web hosting server in the first place. Now there are two very popular types – shared and dedicated. For the lower price point and visually identical features – most newcomers make the mistake of choosing shared hosting for a website that definitely needs a better hosting. The influencing factors are mostly the colorful promotions and the promise these hosting companies make. However, there are weaknesses related with the shared hosting services which most likely, your provider will never tell you. What are they by the way?

bluhost shared hosting

First, what is a Shared Hosting?

In shared hosting servers, all physical resources are being shared among a fixed number of users. The lesser the sharing ratio is, the better service the customers can expect to get. Same physical server resources like CPU clock speed, hard drive storage, bandwidth and few others will be shared. As a result, when all the websites are pulling their data off the hard drive and transmitting them to the visitor, it will affect all the other websites hosted on the same server. The loading speed may get slower, the scripts may take much longer than they usually take and in worst cases, the website might not load at all. If you are more existed to know about hosting stuff, do check out easywaytohosting.com blog for all Bluehost coupons and reviews of other hosting services.

For example, if a shared server is allocated for 4 users, all the resources are kind of equally split into 4 pieces. When the websites on all 4 accounts are active, that affects the whole server. One basic weakness you are going to learn from your experience, but not your provider.

How the Split and Addressing works?

When the resources on a server are divided, how do the addressing works when a website is requested? Well, basic IP addresses do the job but that has to follow the correct network topology and protocols. The basic thing is pretty simple, but assigning the IP addresses and letting the websites access the data stored on the servers in real time takes a better and faster server computer. When the resources are shared, meaning the server computer resources are also shared – will slow down the whole process significantly.

Pricing and Strength

For the price, these shared web hosting servers are very strong in terms of their service. It’s the users who fail to apprehend which server type they will require for specific websites. If a webmaster signs up for shared hosting for an e-commerce website, the fault is definitely with the user – for not having studied enough.

Shared hosting plans like Bluehost starts from as low as $3.49 per month and goes higher. Also, signing up is very easy. Bluehost Discount Codes are distributed all over the affiliate websites so that interested people can grab their chance to try out the service for free or higher discount rates. The hosting companies do their marketing right – apart from the drawbacks shared hosting have; prior research is the user’s job.

Common Weakness

The fact that everything is shared – is the biggest weakness of this hosting type. The sharing is designed in such a way that slows down all the accounts. For personal blogs and text based websites, no one minds few seconds of delays. But for an online business, the customers will find another option if the website takes forever to load in the browser.

Since the network infrastructure is also shared, there’s no practical way to completely eliminate this slowing down on shared hosting servers. The only option is to purchase a dedicated server.


Fortunately, there are many better hosting options now that cost less than dedicated hosting servers but provide identical service.